Friday, December 4, 2009

Flight of the Reindeer

Flight Of The Reindeer
By Robert Sullivan
Drawings by Glenn Wolff

Ever wonder if Reindeer really fly. What about Santa Claus; real or not? This is a delightful book written in four parts with an Introduction and an Afterward.
The Introduction tells of the authors search for the truth of Santa. How his little boy belief turned into doubts as he grew older. Leading one through his search for the real story and perhaps returning to his Childhood belief.
Part one: The Echo of Hooves. Can they really fly? The search is on. He lead us through history to trace the origins of the Santa nation beyond the North Pole. Introducing us to Elves, Gnomes, Lovelings, Light-fairies, Dwarves, Angels and Mountain Spirits. Are they associated with Santa and his Reindeer?
Part Two: The North Pole Today. What is the North Pole and can one Live there. It is so Mysterious and Eerie there. Could a tiny village exit there and has anyone seen it? The author guides us through the eyes of others who have search and reveals their findings.
Part Three: The Miracle of Reindeer flight. Really has anyone seen them fly and will you believe if they have? Now the scientist are involved in this search. Greenland, Axel Heilberg Island, North Devon Island, Prince Patrick Island and other placed around the area where they have spotted reindeer in flight. Is it a certain type that fly? Robert goes into detail about this anomaly, creating a factual belief through Photo evidence.
Part Four:Eight Tiny Reindeer( Plus One). In this part Robert explores Santa and his reindeer. How can he get around with out help from computers and Radar in todays time? Are the governments helping him? Of course it must be a secret or is it? This was a great section to me! Oh I watch for him every year, but then of course the sleep overtakes me. But... when I awake Santa has been and gone.

This book will make you think twice and prehaps make you a "Believer"

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"A Christmas Gift"

A Christmas Gift
by David Saperstein and James J. Rush
copyright October 2o09

I just finished this book. I haven't seen any reviews on it yet. I enjoyed the book.
It takes place in a small town setting. Katie Williams, age 12, has this gift handed down through generations. Because folks would not understand it the family try to keep it a secret. However the gift is getting stronger and her parents can not hide it from her anymore. Needing to tell her about the things happening to her the Mom shares the story about her family's gift. After the story is shared Katie begins to realize this is not just an ordinary gift.
As in many families today, there is a lost member. Katie discovers he is there in the town. Her determination to reunited the family takes her on an adventure. You will meet a lot of characters in this book. The story line evolves nicely and surprises you at ever turn. When you think you have it figured out, the next turn will make you rethink it.
I would say this is a good read for reading ages 5th grade to adults.

Monday, October 5, 2009

You'll be a Believer, Guarantied!

The Autobiography of
Santa Claus
As told by Jeff Guinn

This book is one of my favorite Seasonal books. It is told in a Historical fiction forum. I am in Love with Santa and his presence at Christmas time. I have read many book about Saint Nicholas and how he came to be a Christmas Icon. In this story told by Jeff Guinn, Santa is just beginning to realize the work he is to do. It starts out with one knowing it is Santa who is telling you about his life. How things happened that made him so famous. Jeff is just penning it. Santa tells you of his birth in 280A.D. in the town of Patara in the country Lycian. The childhood years and how the world was then. You get to see the insides of his family life and how that effect who he is to become.
I love how you meet people along the way. some we know from history. Like; Emperor Constantine, Pope Julius, Attila the Hun, King Arthur, Francis of Assisi and many more. The dark ages are covered, how the toys started, and how did those reindeer start flying? Do you wonder about Dickens and that "A Christmas Carol Story"? Oh you will be surprised about that. I do not want to forget to mention Virginia O'Hanlon and her Letter posted in the New York Sun. How Mr Church came to print that letter right on the editorial page. What a story indeed. I guaranty if you do not believe in Santa you will after reading this book!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Aloha Friday - Seasonal Books

Welcome to Aloha Friday. This is sponsored by An Island Life. This is how it works; you post a question on your blog, We travel to different blogs that are participating and answer their questions, they int urn travel to us to answer ours. There is a master Link list Here were you can link your post and visit others. Some of us provide a Linking system for you on our blogs. Just link up and we are off and traveling in the Bloggers World. Enjoy you lay back day!

My question:

What is your favorite Seasonal Book?

I love the Santa book series by Jeff Guinn. Every year I take them out in November and start reading them again. I will be adding them to my book reviews this month.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Story from a Scavenger Hunt.

Last month one of the blog I visit had a scavenger hunt. I had a wonderful time visit other blogs to find the answers to the clues.There were nineteen clues to hunt for. I admit some of them were challenging. One of them I missed. When I give the clue to my 15 year old daughter she got the metaphor right away! Oh well. We were asked to write a story with all the clues included, in case of a tie. The following is the story I wrote. I did add the clue answer I missed, so the story would include all the answers.

written by Auntie E

It was in the year when all the lands had one ruler. His name was Gable, however in the villages he was known as The Skull. Ladies from villages afar brought him gifts. One Lady from a village called Muesli presented Gable the skull with a mirror decorated with Lilac blossoms (her favorite flower). She was hoping he would invite her to drink from his favorite tea cup. The ruler had a tea cup that his mother gave to him as a child. A rumor started that anyone that was invited to drink from it would be the next apple of his eye. The Lady from the village of Muesli was not invited. Off she went.

One Fair Lady from the village of Pawn arrived on the Rogue Elephant. Her hair was long and flowing, the color was as bright as a light bulb. All the gents in the town whistled as she rode by. This caused Gable the skull to put down his blue poker chip and go to the window for a view. “Oh what a beautiful elephant” he said. “I shall invite him and the Fair Lady for tea”. He instructed his servant to pick up the dirty socks and place an egg and a bowl of granola at each table setting. “Be sure to place my tea cup at the Fair Ladies place”. All the servants were talking and gossiping about the Lady on the rogue elephant.

The Fair Lady from the village of Pawn presented the ruler a Kayak with a painted maple leaf on the front. The ruler Gable invited the Fair Lady to tea. She accepted and they eat the eggs, granola and drink from his tea cup. Now the date had been written with a red permanent marker in his date book.

Their wedding was a sight to remember. All the footpaths throughout the village were lined with dyed red quilted toilet paper. The rogue Elephant adorned with a blue poker chips harness pulled the Kayak with the maple leaf on it though the streets. Gable the ruler and the Fair Lady of Pawn rode in the Kayak sucking on eucalyptus cough drops, for the flavor was good and gave a good smell to ones breath. All the gents of the land refrained from their whistle impulses, afraid that Gable the ruler and the new apple of his eye would behead them.

The Fair Lady, now known as The Apple of his Eye and Ruler Gable, known as The Skull, lived happily ever after. Oh, and the Rogue Elephant, now known as Blue Poker Chip, travels, telling this story all over the kingdoms.

To view the Clues and answers visit My Quality Day.
copyright2009"AuniteE/M Dubros"

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Girl whoStopped Swimming

I have been trying to read this book for several months now. I just can not get into it. The way that it is written is confusing. It starts out with a drowning and then I can not figure out where it is taking me. Sometimes I feel like I am being jerked back and forth and then other times I question that thought. I was going to let my teen read it, however it had some explicit sex descriptions in it . Too much for my babies eyes! I have not finish the book and will put it away for some winter reading time. Maybe be then I will be in a better mind frame.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Let's Get Organized...

The life You've Always Searched For...
But Were Too Cluttered To Find

Simply Organized
By Emilie Barnes

This book is a how to book. It has Three sections: Simply Organized For you, At Home and Especially for the Kids.

I found the Introduction very interesting. A simply question, Me Get Organized? is explored. Her ideas with list of things you might need to assist you in this Task.
The first section Simply Organized..For You guides you through four tools to help jump start the program. The Purse and Wardrobe are looked at in detail. In the Second Section...At Home she leads you down the path of cleaning out the clutter. What I most like about this book is its' simplicity. Every thing she tells you is not hard and the advice is precious. There is even a subsection on Meal Planing, who couldn't use that!
Simply Organized..Especially for the kids is a guide to teach your children. Teaching them at any age can halt the pattern.
There are many Charts included, making it easy to manage in your busy life. I have used the information in this book for several years. Although I am not Prefect(yet) someday I will be as organized as Emily Barnes seems to be.
This book has a place on my Book Shelf Indeed.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Different Book on Loss.

"When Your Family's Lost a Loved One"
Written by Davis & Nancy Guthrie
Copyright 2008
Tyndale House Publishers,Inc
(buying info. on bookshelf on bottom)

Ever had a friend who had a death in their family. You could not find the right thing to say. Maybe you felt awkward being around them. Have noticed they are not the same around you. This Book By David & Nancy Guthrie "When Your Family's Lost a Loved One" has stories of others experiencing those Feelings. I originally bought the Book to help me. My Mother passed away and my families grieving was so different I had a hard time understanding them. However during the process of reading the book, All the misunderstanding seem to melt away. The most important thing I learned was that my view of things was dim. Grieving can cause rift in family and friendships. Yes Relationships change after a death, but how can one deal with it for the rest of their life?

The Guthries', a Family of Five becomes a family of Three. Two of their children born with Zellweger Syndrome, which gave them short lives. Along their journey of life they meet others going through a journey of loss. The Book is complied of interviews and stories of journeys through the pain. Each one is different, for no two people mourn the same. Through the interviews and stories one sees the light is on, guiding your journey of Life.

I found myself saying "Ya, that's how I felt..." now I understand why. I laughed and cried, was lost in feelings and then enlightened to thoughts. Realizing people mean well even if it seems not. Understanding the different thought patterns in people was a God send. I could go on and on but I will not. For you need to read the Book to see for yourself.

The Book is written well. It is not a boring or an instructional read. I would recommend it for all who are touch in some way by Death.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Solar Flare

Solar Flare
A Novel
By Larry Burkett

Some years back I read this book. The author was still alive then. He was known for writing study books on finances. One day I was in the bookstore and came across a New Novel written by Larry Burkett. I had just finished his study on finances. So, I purchased the book. Opened it's pages and started reading. Wow, I could not put it down!!
The story opens up in a College Astronomy Classroom with Professor Jason Hobart teaching. Subject of the day, solar magnetosphere dislocation- in layman terms solar flares. Could a massive Solar Flare effect the Earth's weather? This question is the basis of the book. For the next 425 pages the effects unfold. You will read about Jason Hobart's life and get to know him intimately. How he thinks, his duty to country, how he works with the President of the United States and others on a Plan to save the Earth from total disaster.
Can a Massive Solar Flare Take us back to a time when there were no cars, no internet, no radios, no food, and no electricity. A world of Horse and Buggies and primitive living.
After reading Solar Flare you will have a different view of our Sky.

Note: My father, who is not a reader, started reading this book and could not put it down!! He was reading it in bed, Mom said "...what are you reading? It must be good". If my father was inspired to read it than it must be a keeper. It's on my library shelf indeed.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Holy Bible

This book was written Century's ago. A book still waiting for a ending. What so Special about this Book. It is a Living book. You can read it every year and each time you will read something New. The most Amazing part is there is a Gift that God gives One that will make the pages come live!!!The gift is given to all who ask.
Now there are two main sections to this book; the Old History Part and the Newer part written not so many years ago about 1,967.
The history part leads you through the Beginning of the Earth to the time a New Nation started.It ends in a time of waiting for the Messiah to come. Very interesting reading. If you are a history buff there is a lot in here for you. Wars,Governments forming, famine and poor economic time. If you like SciFi there a Visitors from another time and Space as well as some great description of out of this world things. The best part is it is Nonfiction!!
In the New testament part. We follow the life of Jesus Christ born on this earth but, not of this earth. His life laid out in detail. It is like reading a Autobiography. Now there is another part that details the end of time as we now it today. For the Scifiers it is wonderful reading. Like none you have read before. Even though the ending is clear the mystery lies in the codes not opened to man minds.
Many books are written today Based on the readers view of The Holy Bible. Plays,movies were and are still being made. For example Moses,Exodus,Ben Hur, Left Behind, and the Passion just to name a few.
So, now is the time to read the Original Book written. After all We all like reading the True writers version.
This Nonfiction book, The Holy Bible is truly worth the Reading again and again.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Cherry Blossom Festival

The Cherry Blosoom Festival
Sakura Celebration
By Ann McClellan
This book takes one through history and Sights of the National and Japanese Cherry Blossom Celebrations. There are four Sections; Japanese Cherry Trees, A Gift from Japan,National Cherry Blossom Festival and Cherry Blossom Today.

The First section is the Roots and Traditions of the Cherry(Sakura)trees. It highlights how Japanese view the Sakura Trees. Using Literature from Japanese writings. The Photographs are of screens drawn by Japanese artist. Covers some of the traditions for viewing the Blossoms. The Coined name Japonism, given by the Historians, is explained. Why was the name given and what Frenzy did it cause?
In the Second Section, also subtitled "A national Treasure in Washington" the history of the trees journey to DC is explored. How the Idea was started. What trails and tribulations accrued. Finally the planting of the trees on the Tidal Basin. A photo of the continuing planting by First Lady Bird Johnson was taken in 1965.
A Celebration of Spring For Over 50 Years, a subtitle for the third section. All the National Festivals from the early days to the now are depicted throughout. How did the festival expand from days to weeks? What happening during the World War II? The renaming of the trees during that time to Oriental Cherry Trees. Understandable due to who we were fighting. Pictures of Presidential Parades and Fireworks are very impressive.
The Last part is: Cherry Blossom Today-In Washington and Around the World. Tree are pictured in Japan and Washington. A Map is included of the DC area. Finally how to take care of and Propagate a Sakura(Cherry)tree.
This book is filled with a wide spread amount of Information. It is an easy read book. Has a Place in My Library.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Blogging Guide

Looking for a book to help build a blogsite?One of the Books I chose is: The Huffington Post complete guide to Blogging. I found this book a good choice for the beginner Blogger. It is written to give one the tools to build their site. How to Publicly open the website is well illustrated in the writings. Examples from other sites fill the book,given one the ability to improve their Blog site. Humor throughout give you a lighter side, making it not so hard to read and understand. Do you what traffic? Site Meter,Statcounter and Google Analytics are tools introduced. Want to Pimp your blog? Podcasts,Vlogs,Tumblelogs,and Photolog are all covered. Who do you want to read your Blog? The section on Best Practices for Building your Community is great. The Advice in this book is priceless. I will be honored to have it on my Library shelf.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Joy of Reading

I developed a love of reading in my Twenties. When I lived in Germany my love grew more. Reading books like Gorky park, The Hiding Place and Hobbit started me on the path. Started to read books on Countries ,Crafting and Nations Cooking. The world of literature was opening up for me. I guess that is the reason I have a wide knowledge of things. Any thing I wanted to learn,there was a book on. I read and read. Worked as a School Librarian to share the love of reading with kids and to be closer to the books. Therein lies my joy of reading.