Monday, March 30, 2009

The Cherry Blossom Festival

The Cherry Blosoom Festival
Sakura Celebration
By Ann McClellan
This book takes one through history and Sights of the National and Japanese Cherry Blossom Celebrations. There are four Sections; Japanese Cherry Trees, A Gift from Japan,National Cherry Blossom Festival and Cherry Blossom Today.

The First section is the Roots and Traditions of the Cherry(Sakura)trees. It highlights how Japanese view the Sakura Trees. Using Literature from Japanese writings. The Photographs are of screens drawn by Japanese artist. Covers some of the traditions for viewing the Blossoms. The Coined name Japonism, given by the Historians, is explained. Why was the name given and what Frenzy did it cause?
In the Second Section, also subtitled "A national Treasure in Washington" the history of the trees journey to DC is explored. How the Idea was started. What trails and tribulations accrued. Finally the planting of the trees on the Tidal Basin. A photo of the continuing planting by First Lady Bird Johnson was taken in 1965.
A Celebration of Spring For Over 50 Years, a subtitle for the third section. All the National Festivals from the early days to the now are depicted throughout. How did the festival expand from days to weeks? What happening during the World War II? The renaming of the trees during that time to Oriental Cherry Trees. Understandable due to who we were fighting. Pictures of Presidential Parades and Fireworks are very impressive.
The Last part is: Cherry Blossom Today-In Washington and Around the World. Tree are pictured in Japan and Washington. A Map is included of the DC area. Finally how to take care of and Propagate a Sakura(Cherry)tree.
This book is filled with a wide spread amount of Information. It is an easy read book. Has a Place in My Library.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Blogging Guide

Looking for a book to help build a blogsite?One of the Books I chose is: The Huffington Post complete guide to Blogging. I found this book a good choice for the beginner Blogger. It is written to give one the tools to build their site. How to Publicly open the website is well illustrated in the writings. Examples from other sites fill the book,given one the ability to improve their Blog site. Humor throughout give you a lighter side, making it not so hard to read and understand. Do you what traffic? Site Meter,Statcounter and Google Analytics are tools introduced. Want to Pimp your blog? Podcasts,Vlogs,Tumblelogs,and Photolog are all covered. Who do you want to read your Blog? The section on Best Practices for Building your Community is great. The Advice in this book is priceless. I will be honored to have it on my Library shelf.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Joy of Reading

I developed a love of reading in my Twenties. When I lived in Germany my love grew more. Reading books like Gorky park, The Hiding Place and Hobbit started me on the path. Started to read books on Countries ,Crafting and Nations Cooking. The world of literature was opening up for me. I guess that is the reason I have a wide knowledge of things. Any thing I wanted to learn,there was a book on. I read and read. Worked as a School Librarian to share the love of reading with kids and to be closer to the books. Therein lies my joy of reading.