Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Holy Bible

This book was written Century's ago. A book still waiting for a ending. What so Special about this Book. It is a Living book. You can read it every year and each time you will read something New. The most Amazing part is there is a Gift that God gives One that will make the pages come live!!!The gift is given to all who ask.
Now there are two main sections to this book; the Old History Part and the Newer part written not so many years ago about 1,967.
The history part leads you through the Beginning of the Earth to the time a New Nation started.It ends in a time of waiting for the Messiah to come. Very interesting reading. If you are a history buff there is a lot in here for you. Wars,Governments forming, famine and poor economic time. If you like SciFi there a Visitors from another time and Space as well as some great description of out of this world things. The best part is it is Nonfiction!!
In the New testament part. We follow the life of Jesus Christ born on this earth but, not of this earth. His life laid out in detail. It is like reading a Autobiography. Now there is another part that details the end of time as we now it today. For the Scifiers it is wonderful reading. Like none you have read before. Even though the ending is clear the mystery lies in the codes not opened to man minds.
Many books are written today Based on the readers view of The Holy Bible. Plays,movies were and are still being made. For example Moses,Exodus,Ben Hur, Left Behind, and the Passion just to name a few.
So, now is the time to read the Original Book written. After all We all like reading the True writers version.
This Nonfiction book, The Holy Bible is truly worth the Reading again and again.

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