Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Story from a Scavenger Hunt.

Last month one of the blog I visit had a scavenger hunt. I had a wonderful time visit other blogs to find the answers to the clues.There were nineteen clues to hunt for. I admit some of them were challenging. One of them I missed. When I give the clue to my 15 year old daughter she got the metaphor right away! Oh well. We were asked to write a story with all the clues included, in case of a tie. The following is the story I wrote. I did add the clue answer I missed, so the story would include all the answers.

written by Auntie E

It was in the year when all the lands had one ruler. His name was Gable, however in the villages he was known as The Skull. Ladies from villages afar brought him gifts. One Lady from a village called Muesli presented Gable the skull with a mirror decorated with Lilac blossoms (her favorite flower). She was hoping he would invite her to drink from his favorite tea cup. The ruler had a tea cup that his mother gave to him as a child. A rumor started that anyone that was invited to drink from it would be the next apple of his eye. The Lady from the village of Muesli was not invited. Off she went.

One Fair Lady from the village of Pawn arrived on the Rogue Elephant. Her hair was long and flowing, the color was as bright as a light bulb. All the gents in the town whistled as she rode by. This caused Gable the skull to put down his blue poker chip and go to the window for a view. “Oh what a beautiful elephant” he said. “I shall invite him and the Fair Lady for tea”. He instructed his servant to pick up the dirty socks and place an egg and a bowl of granola at each table setting. “Be sure to place my tea cup at the Fair Ladies place”. All the servants were talking and gossiping about the Lady on the rogue elephant.

The Fair Lady from the village of Pawn presented the ruler a Kayak with a painted maple leaf on the front. The ruler Gable invited the Fair Lady to tea. She accepted and they eat the eggs, granola and drink from his tea cup. Now the date had been written with a red permanent marker in his date book.

Their wedding was a sight to remember. All the footpaths throughout the village were lined with dyed red quilted toilet paper. The rogue Elephant adorned with a blue poker chips harness pulled the Kayak with the maple leaf on it though the streets. Gable the ruler and the Fair Lady of Pawn rode in the Kayak sucking on eucalyptus cough drops, for the flavor was good and gave a good smell to ones breath. All the gents of the land refrained from their whistle impulses, afraid that Gable the ruler and the new apple of his eye would behead them.

The Fair Lady, now known as The Apple of his Eye and Ruler Gable, known as The Skull, lived happily ever after. Oh, and the Rogue Elephant, now known as Blue Poker Chip, travels, telling this story all over the kingdoms.

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copyright2009"AuniteE/M Dubros"

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