Monday, October 5, 2009

You'll be a Believer, Guarantied!

The Autobiography of
Santa Claus
As told by Jeff Guinn

This book is one of my favorite Seasonal books. It is told in a Historical fiction forum. I am in Love with Santa and his presence at Christmas time. I have read many book about Saint Nicholas and how he came to be a Christmas Icon. In this story told by Jeff Guinn, Santa is just beginning to realize the work he is to do. It starts out with one knowing it is Santa who is telling you about his life. How things happened that made him so famous. Jeff is just penning it. Santa tells you of his birth in 280A.D. in the town of Patara in the country Lycian. The childhood years and how the world was then. You get to see the insides of his family life and how that effect who he is to become.
I love how you meet people along the way. some we know from history. Like; Emperor Constantine, Pope Julius, Attila the Hun, King Arthur, Francis of Assisi and many more. The dark ages are covered, how the toys started, and how did those reindeer start flying? Do you wonder about Dickens and that "A Christmas Carol Story"? Oh you will be surprised about that. I do not want to forget to mention Virginia O'Hanlon and her Letter posted in the New York Sun. How Mr Church came to print that letter right on the editorial page. What a story indeed. I guaranty if you do not believe in Santa you will after reading this book!


  1. Just popped in to say thanks for visiting my blog, and to invite you to come along and join in the Blogroast every Friday if you'd like to,

    By the way this sounds like a wonderful book. Of course I'm a believer, s I'm sure I'd enjoy it!

  2. Have to look for this book, Auntie E! Haven't seen it before. Thanks for sharing it! :)


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