Friday, December 4, 2009

Flight of the Reindeer

Flight Of The Reindeer
By Robert Sullivan
Drawings by Glenn Wolff

Ever wonder if Reindeer really fly. What about Santa Claus; real or not? This is a delightful book written in four parts with an Introduction and an Afterward.
The Introduction tells of the authors search for the truth of Santa. How his little boy belief turned into doubts as he grew older. Leading one through his search for the real story and perhaps returning to his Childhood belief.
Part one: The Echo of Hooves. Can they really fly? The search is on. He lead us through history to trace the origins of the Santa nation beyond the North Pole. Introducing us to Elves, Gnomes, Lovelings, Light-fairies, Dwarves, Angels and Mountain Spirits. Are they associated with Santa and his Reindeer?
Part Two: The North Pole Today. What is the North Pole and can one Live there. It is so Mysterious and Eerie there. Could a tiny village exit there and has anyone seen it? The author guides us through the eyes of others who have search and reveals their findings.
Part Three: The Miracle of Reindeer flight. Really has anyone seen them fly and will you believe if they have? Now the scientist are involved in this search. Greenland, Axel Heilberg Island, North Devon Island, Prince Patrick Island and other placed around the area where they have spotted reindeer in flight. Is it a certain type that fly? Robert goes into detail about this anomaly, creating a factual belief through Photo evidence.
Part Four:Eight Tiny Reindeer( Plus One). In this part Robert explores Santa and his reindeer. How can he get around with out help from computers and Radar in todays time? Are the governments helping him? Of course it must be a secret or is it? This was a great section to me! Oh I watch for him every year, but then of course the sleep overtakes me. But... when I awake Santa has been and gone.

This book will make you think twice and prehaps make you a "Believer"

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"A Christmas Gift"

A Christmas Gift
by David Saperstein and James J. Rush
copyright October 2o09

I just finished this book. I haven't seen any reviews on it yet. I enjoyed the book.
It takes place in a small town setting. Katie Williams, age 12, has this gift handed down through generations. Because folks would not understand it the family try to keep it a secret. However the gift is getting stronger and her parents can not hide it from her anymore. Needing to tell her about the things happening to her the Mom shares the story about her family's gift. After the story is shared Katie begins to realize this is not just an ordinary gift.
As in many families today, there is a lost member. Katie discovers he is there in the town. Her determination to reunited the family takes her on an adventure. You will meet a lot of characters in this book. The story line evolves nicely and surprises you at ever turn. When you think you have it figured out, the next turn will make you rethink it.
I would say this is a good read for reading ages 5th grade to adults.