Monday, January 18, 2010

Avatar Review

Created this blog in March of 2009. I love reading books and thought it would be great to write reviews. Hoping My daughter, who is an avid reader, would co-author. That did not happen, she is a teen and very busy in that teen life. Thinking for some time how to rework this blog, to meet more people and have more traffic. Still wanting it to be a review blog,I came up with this. I go to the Movies and use products as well as read magazines, manuals and books. since occasional I review movie and such other things on my other blogs, My thought is to do them here. More like a " What did I think of that" blog.
A new change was in store, Still thinking of a permanent one, any suggestions? I would prefer it to have my name evolved, since I have other blogs. My name makes it easier for my followers to get to know me as they travel from blog to blog. I admit my blogs do create a picture of my personality. And Now for........
The Avatar Review:
Hubby and I went to see Avatar on Saturday. We saw it in 3D, I usually do not like 3D. Hearing a lot of comments on the 3D, I decided 3 D is was. When first hearing about Avatar, I was not interested in seeing it. Even seeing the previews at the theater, did nothing for me.
Then I notice blogger talking about it, saw some spots on TV shows. Told my hubby I wanted to see it in 3D. So off we went Saturday on a date to the movies to see Avatar in 3D. Do not care for those 3D glasses but the one ones we had were great. It really impressed me that the theater started the previews in 3D, that gave my eyes time to get adjusted to the glasses.

The opening to the movie was a little confusing. One really had to pay attention to what was going on. It went pretty fast and I did not think I had a good enough knowledge to figure it out.
About 10 minutes into the movie it Clicked, for me (those were the longest 10 minutes). There were a few slow spots but. not that bad.

ere is a synopsis of the Story line;
It involves identical twin brothers, One brother is a marine and one a scientist. The Scientist brother is involved with a study on going at a different planet. He is being trained on earth to speak their language and know their ways. He is unfortunately killed before he can work on the project. The Marine brother is cohorts to take his brothers place. Oh yeah you got it, he knows nothing of the project or the planet. So he is thrust into a land he know nothing about. The planet is in a conflict with the Sky People. So the question is; Will the twin brother be able to help the planet and/or the sky people?

The Movie has both human actors and animation. The animation was very good. Like nothing I have seen before. The 3D was excellent, and in my mind necessary to make this a Hit. We really felt like we were viewing this as a stage play. Played in the outdoors on another planet. We were merely watching from the air. Okay I am going to say it! Like a god in those old movies, who watched the planet people fight. Some of you know the ones. Only this was more detail and real. It was not like a dream, in my opinion. More like an out of body experience. I really enjoyed the movie, thought it was nicely written, and the action fighting was good. I would recommend it to you.

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Few Rubies On My Self

This is a Ruby Tuesday Post
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RED Books..I see a lot in my Library. Decide on posting some of my favorite reads.
Top book is one of my favorites.
It tells everything you want to know about Snowman.

Some humor mixed with history.
When did the first snowman appear? and....
What about that Burl Ives Song about Frostie?

Shelf Life is a collection of Short stories.

Cooking is a lovely pass time,so I had a post a cook book.
Wilton's book of candy.
The contents give you the knowledge to make every piece of candy one needs.

What ruby book am I about to read.....

Oh yeah I love watching "Castle" on TV. The other day I was at the Book Store and saw a table with his New Book. Funny thing is last weeks episode had Richard Castle signing his New book at a Opening Party. So, of course I have to read it! Every one on the show was reading it and the whole season was about him writing it.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

To Kindle or Not...

Hubby asked me the other day if I would like a Kindle. Not sure what I think about them. I know some bloggers who promote them and daughter orthodontist has one. He has nothing but good things to say about it. My only draw back is I like books. You see I like browsing through them, seeing the covers, reading the front and back flaps and holding the book. Now the Kindle can read to you, pick up where you left off reading and it seems to have other handy functions. Do you own one? What do you think about the Kindle? Is it a good choice to get one. I will always be drawn to books, it will take some time for me to get use to the new technology in reading gadgets.