Monday, March 8, 2010

The Doll People

The Doll People
By Ann M. Martin, Laura Godwin, Brian Selznick

Ever wonder what goes on in your house when you are sleeping or not at home? You know do the toys come alive. Have you come home and your child can't find that favorite toy. How about that " I don't know, it wasn't me" statement. The one all us parents say "well we are the only ones in this house.... ARE YOU SURE?
This is a delightful book, one that is sure not to let you put it down. Ann Martin writes with such feeling one can have so many emotions running thought their heads. Oh and all those questions answered. I guarantee you will never look at a toy the same after the read. So grab the book and what ever you do don't throw that toy away... you might be messing with the balance of the Doll world.

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