Monday, April 5, 2010

Clash Of The Titans Review

We saw this movie in 3D today. Have grown to like 3D movies however this movie was not a great one. Warner Bros/ Legendary Pictures has not cornered the 3D effect on this movie. Trying to understand why this 3D is not up to par to me was hard. I finally decided because this not being a animation movie per say, using real actors and trying to make them appear in 3D seems to be the problem. Their 3D was not clear and refined, causing a shadow on the screen. It looked like the actor was elongated rather than in 3D and some was just blurred. Some scenes of the movie seem to not be in that 3D mode.

As far as the movie, a remake of the Clash of the Titan from years gone by. I like the movie and the action in it. Think I would of enjoyed it better in regular 2D form. The Clash of the Titans is about Zeus and Hades fight to rule the world. Zeus is not happy with the earthlings not praying to him anymore. Hades convinces Zeus that he will be able to bring them to their knees and bring them back to Praying. Hades does have another plan in store, him becoming the ruling god. Now the people need a savior one who can fight and win against the Cracken, Hades creation's. Perseus believes he can destroy the Cracken and win the war against the gods. So the journey begins to learn How to succeed and free the earthlings from the gods control.

I would rate it at a 6 out of 10. Mostly due to the 3D. However there was some desert fights that just was a class C movie scene. It did not have any language or sex in it,making it a good family flick. In my opinion the fight scene where not bad. Although some of the contents could be scary for the smaller ones. Nightmare city for them, the PG13 is a good rating for this movie.

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