Monday, July 26, 2010

"SALT" the Review

This Movie came out on the 23 of July. I read it was compared to James Bond, to my mind it is not a James Bond type show. I love all the James Bond films and do not think this can be put in with that group. Now with that said.....
I loved this Movie, the intrigue and suspense was put together nicely. Evelyn Salt has been captured by the North Koreans and she is believed to be a spy by them. They torture her pretty good. After some time she is released into the Americans hands and begins her life as an Agent for an American Intelligence Agency. She is now married to a German Scientist and they are about to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Upon Leaving the job for the day, she is informed that a Russian defector has been detained and they need her to interrogate him(she speaks Russian). This one action starts a roller-coaster of events. The movie does not slow down from then on. It will keep you on the edge of the mind, no time to figure things out. The Pace and events outcomes surprise you each time. It truly is a roller coaster of a movie. We enjoyed it, even the ending was a shock! We just sat there stunned.

Photo taken from theater Poster I have and cropped

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Movie Reviews. Two Popular Ones Out Now

We have seen several movie these past weeks. The first one I would like to mention is:
The Last Airbender.
This one was seen both in regular format and 3D. I loved this movie! Wasn't too sure I would, however it has a great story line and keeps one on the edge of your seat. It's Graphics are great, they carry you away to the places and makes your mind believe you are there.
Here is the story line:
It has been over a century, since the Avatars have been able to keep peace in the world. Killed off by the Fire Nation and now the Fire Nation wishes to rule the world. They have killed off all the airbenders and are working on controlling the Earth-benders. Now there is also Waterbenders. This nation is still very powerful. The fire nation is working on a plan to eliminate them. Only there is a problem they have not anticipated, One Airbender is still live!

This movie is great in both Formats. I would give it a 10 on my scale. Will diffidently be purchasing the DVD when it comes out. A great Movie for the whole family.

The next one was:
The Sorcerer's Apprentice --- A Disney movie.
I so wanted to see this one. Seeing the previews made my desire great. Hubby and I went.
Now the story line is;
It has been centuries since the sorcerers ruled the kingdoms. During the last days some of the great ones were bottle up in a nest doll. All of their powers contained in that vessel. There was one sorcerer, instructed by Merlin to protect the vessel and keep it safe until the time came for the a New Powerful Sorcerer to come up. We are now in the 21st century and the Sorcerer has emerged only he does not know he is it. Now the Century old Sorcerer must convince him and train him to fight using his powers.

Over all The movie was okay. It had some great moments and a okay story line. I was disappointing in the amount of detail and animation used. With Disneys abilities in creating a great imagination into the unknown, I found they missed the opportunity in this film. I will give it a 6 on my rate scale. I think this is a good one to take younger kids to. It is not that Scary and would be a great family choice. As for the older child, the one who loves the intrigue and action pack, this is not the one for them. That is my opinion.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Great Addition to the Kitchen Library.



Do you love Popsicles? If so, this is a great book. It has over 40 recipes for all kinds of Ice Pops. You can make ,Creamy, chocolaty, fruity, and even some creative ones. There is even a section on different containers to use, some every household things like cups and pans, or maybe things most only bring out during holidays. The "How to" section is a great tool, it will help involve the kids in the making and deciding what container to use. I love all the recipes and ideas.
Hey the summer heat is on here and if in your neck of the woods it is Winter, there's always room for an ICE POP!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eclispe the Movie

We went to see Eclipse with my daughter and hubby. She has read all the books, stated this was the best one yet. However the book was better. Some things were not in the movie from the book. I know that is what happens in Hollywood, they can not make a movie base only from a book. I was so hoping for once they would. My daughter said the movie would be a very long one if they did. I guess I will have to read the book.

Back to the Movie...The opening was a little strange. I had an idea it was the movie however it didn't start with the Movie title. A boy was being chased, per-say, One could not see by whom. Then it just ending with no more mention of it til half way through the movie. That's when it clicked for me.
The Movie line is a old rival want to kill the Cullen clan. Who is behide this Madness is not known by anyone. Bella learns more about the Wolverine Clan. Bella and Edward and Jacob are still trying to get along. Jacob really hates Edward. Will they ever make peace over Bella?
There is still killing and fighting in the movie. I didn't think it was as bloody as the first two. Would I see it again? Probably not, this was a one time movie for me. It did keep me intrigued however had no appeal for a second showing for me. I think I will read the book for this one.
I will give it a seven one my scale of ten. Thought it was great for the tweens and teens, Would not consider it for anyone under 13. As far as a family film.....Not so great.... but then again I do not think it is suppose to be.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Knight and Day- The Movie.

This movie was Action pack with some romance. Reminded me of a James Bond affair movie. The scene is a spy bumps into a girl and their path can not be broken. Tom Cruise who plays the spy, is great. As usual he does well in every movie he's in. Cameron Diaz who play the Girl is delightful and gives the impression she really is innocent of all the doings. I really love the Action and intrigue. the Movie goes to a lot of places and the scenery is fantastic. The ending was truly a surprise. We laughed and held our breath in this showing. I would rate it an 8 in my book. A must go see movie this summer, Just to get out of this madness and escape to the Movie Lands' Madness.