Monday, July 26, 2010

"SALT" the Review

This Movie came out on the 23 of July. I read it was compared to James Bond, to my mind it is not a James Bond type show. I love all the James Bond films and do not think this can be put in with that group. Now with that said.....
I loved this Movie, the intrigue and suspense was put together nicely. Evelyn Salt has been captured by the North Koreans and she is believed to be a spy by them. They torture her pretty good. After some time she is released into the Americans hands and begins her life as an Agent for an American Intelligence Agency. She is now married to a German Scientist and they are about to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Upon Leaving the job for the day, she is informed that a Russian defector has been detained and they need her to interrogate him(she speaks Russian). This one action starts a roller-coaster of events. The movie does not slow down from then on. It will keep you on the edge of the mind, no time to figure things out. The Pace and events outcomes surprise you each time. It truly is a roller coaster of a movie. We enjoyed it, even the ending was a shock! We just sat there stunned.

Photo taken from theater Poster I have and cropped

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  1. Hmmm I wasn't going to see this but after reading your review I might!


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