Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eat, Pray Love- the Movie

Hubby and I went to see the movie "Eat Pray Love". When we walked into the theater I notice mostly women there. I saw some of the previews and really wanted to see it. Hubby surprised me and took me. Now I will tell you this was truly a Click Flick.It was great for my hubby to take me and sit through it.

Julia Roberts plays Liz Gilbert who after years of marriage finds herself lost in knowing who see is. All her friends tell her to just go with the flow and through her marriage she will develop her identity. Marriage has its ups and downs and she is just in the downs now. You have a good man who loves you and that should be enough. However that is not enough for Liz. She see it as a personal problem that she is unhappy. Needs to find herself and in order to do this she must separate from her marriage life. Trying to do this in her own town is not working. She is a writer of plays and books. Her writing is suffering due to her self-searching.

The decision is made by her to travel to find herself and what she is to become. It is explained that she had been in relationships since high school and never on her own. With out being on your own, living by yourself and just enjoying life by yourself one can not real know who they are. Their self being is molded by others, how they are expected to be in this world.

I found the former statement so true. Liz's travels take her to Italy where she learns about herself and eating to enjoy the food and not just for health or looks. Then to India to learn about her inter-being and how to look at herself through Prayer and Meditation. Onto Bali where she is learning who she really is and about Love and how to enjoy Life and Love too. There are many profound thoughts that are mentioned. As well as a truthfulness in the journey.

This was a great Movie. My rating will be a 7 out of 10. This rating is based on it being a Click Flick. My thouoghts are the movie, although well put together, was a bit slow in some areas. Felt that the storyline could have been a little more detailed. This was a long movie over 2 hours and at a time I felt myself saying.... Boy this is dragging on.... Make that decision and let's go..How long have I been here?

I love long movies but if that feeling of this is a long movie happens, it doesn't encapsulate you and transport you to a different world, where one says "Is it over already" and it's been over 2 hours. Now hubby says he didn't get it, but he was happy to take me there. So, that means is it not intended for Men. Therefore take a girlfriend and go. It is worth the ticket.

Now I will have to read the book!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Expendables-My Review

This Movie is truly an action packed one! Hubby wanted to go see it, I thought it would be a good one. Well, there really wasn't a good story line.
The story line (I got out of it) was as follows;

There was a Rogue CIA agent who decided to control a country. He thought he would get richer. It became clearer that the CIA wanted him taken out. Contracting a group of Militants, known as the Expendables, to do the Job.

If you love real shoot-em-up and graphic movies, then this one is for you. Personally we thought it was too violent and way too much blood flying. Noticed a few folks leaving the theater early on. I too would have, however I wanted to see it through in order to do a good review.

I would give this one a three out of ten on my scale. Mostly because the content was lacking in my opinion. Felt there could have been a better story line with the Characters. One other thing is, there was way too much gun shooting, appendages being cut off and killing. During the movie there was a sense to theater cheering going on. This I understood completely, we always want to see the good guys win. However my stomach had a sick feeling in it. Cheering the killing hundreds of people just doesn't sit well.

On a positive note, As Stallone movies go this was a good one. Stallone loves action pack films. He is good in them and knows how to keep it flowing. There was very few down times in the action pack of this show. The action parts moved along quickly and kept your heart rate up. One could really get into this one, if you are a Stallone fan. Some of the audience was yelling and cheering, as to be giving support to the characters actions.

Therefore the three rating I give is according to how the audience reacted as well as my view on the over all Movie content.

One last note, Hubby gives this a one of of ten. His view is too much blood and violence as well as he was disappointed in the movie content. One slow part was when a character reflected back to a time. Hubby felt this part lasted a little too long on a thought. The tears were totally out of place for the characters. "The only positive thing is the ending when we walked out!" was the statement made by hubby. That's my mans short review for you.

This is not a kids or teen movie at all. If you have a weak stomach, you need not to view this one. I would not see this one again and it will not be on my Library shelf .

Photo icon courtesy of the Official expendables Movie site.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Inception- the Movie

Ever had a dream and in it you want to control the outcome? This is what this movie is about. Cobb, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is in the business of controlling dreams. He is great at it, that is getting in and out of the dream state and getting into another persons dream. Now there is this theory that one might be able to change a person mindset by planting a thought in their mind while in a dream state.
Sometimes it is hard to realize if you are in a dream or not. However in this movie you know when the dream state starts and ends. Or maybe by the end of the movie you will question that thought.

I like this movie and would rate it a 7 out of my 10 scale. You see at times the movie seen too long and a thought comes to mind...How long have I been here, it seems like all day....wasn't this movie only 2 hours? Therefore the... I'm bored let's move on thought is present. There is a lot of action and some of it is just mind blogging. Where did these people come from and why are they trying to kill the group and Cobb. The confusion causes a mind warp and it takes away for the movie line and your ability to stay focused.
Now there was some things that where great. Like some of the scenery and special effects. Just like a Dream things just didn't make sense. You know what I mean, When you dream things pop in that your mind says... What is that? or how did that get here?
The Movie is based on Dreaming so that is why I give it a 7. I think it portrayed ones dream well, with a little control in it. The thought of one being able to implant a thought to change ones direction in real life, is a little scary. One leaves to theater with a sense of can that really happen? Oh... the thoughts I thought!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Follow me Friday-A little about this blog.

Well I thought I would do follow me Friday here on this blog.
I love doing reviews. Sometimes it reminds me of my High School days. You know the English 11 & 12 days, when you had to write reviews. I also took theater class and have to write one on Plays, mostly Shakespeare ones. One time it was on one that had Danny Kaye in it and then there was "A Street Car Named Desire". I love to read and watch movies so to have a site just dedicated to that was my desire.
Now there are a few more movies out there we will be viewing this weekend. So my reviews should be up next week.

Oh, one interesting note... I received an award from the International Blogging Recognition Council (IBRC) for this blog. Now I am not sure what that means. However some group of judges viewed my blog and articles and decided it was worthy of this award. I was honored that someone saw fit to enter this blog. The company is a Green supporter and if you read my other "Living Healthy with Auntie E" blog, one would know I like that. I just might have to join and support their site.

Now this Follow me Friday post is to bring more traffic and followers to your site. You too can join in just follow this link to "Still on the Verge" and enter your Blog URL.