Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Expendables-My Review

This Movie is truly an action packed one! Hubby wanted to go see it, I thought it would be a good one. Well, there really wasn't a good story line.
The story line (I got out of it) was as follows;

There was a Rogue CIA agent who decided to control a country. He thought he would get richer. It became clearer that the CIA wanted him taken out. Contracting a group of Militants, known as the Expendables, to do the Job.

If you love real shoot-em-up and graphic movies, then this one is for you. Personally we thought it was too violent and way too much blood flying. Noticed a few folks leaving the theater early on. I too would have, however I wanted to see it through in order to do a good review.

I would give this one a three out of ten on my scale. Mostly because the content was lacking in my opinion. Felt there could have been a better story line with the Characters. One other thing is, there was way too much gun shooting, appendages being cut off and killing. During the movie there was a sense to theater cheering going on. This I understood completely, we always want to see the good guys win. However my stomach had a sick feeling in it. Cheering the killing hundreds of people just doesn't sit well.

On a positive note, As Stallone movies go this was a good one. Stallone loves action pack films. He is good in them and knows how to keep it flowing. There was very few down times in the action pack of this show. The action parts moved along quickly and kept your heart rate up. One could really get into this one, if you are a Stallone fan. Some of the audience was yelling and cheering, as to be giving support to the characters actions.

Therefore the three rating I give is according to how the audience reacted as well as my view on the over all Movie content.

One last note, Hubby gives this a one of of ten. His view is too much blood and violence as well as he was disappointed in the movie content. One slow part was when a character reflected back to a time. Hubby felt this part lasted a little too long on a thought. The tears were totally out of place for the characters. "The only positive thing is the ending when we walked out!" was the statement made by hubby. That's my mans short review for you.

This is not a kids or teen movie at all. If you have a weak stomach, you need not to view this one. I would not see this one again and it will not be on my Library shelf .

Photo icon courtesy of the Official expendables Movie site.

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