Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lions, Tigers and Bears, OH MY!

At times I feel like Dorothy in OZ. Everywhere I look there's new unsure things popping up. Some are just out of site, just around a corner. There are too many to see at one time, some come at you are the same time. Making it hard to choose, will I chose the wrong one, will it give me nightmares, Does it make any sense and Can I figure out what the meaning of it is. By now you are wondering what am I talking about.

Well it's the Fall line out on the networks. They started this week and not just one network but all the networks. Competing with each other on the popular days. So let's look at some already aired.

Monday there were several airing. The Event, Molly and Me and Lone Star. Castle competed with Hawaii five O and Chase.
Tuesday was a little better on the line up this week. NCIS, NCIS-LA, Detroit 187,Glee, the Good Wife, Rising Hope and Running Wilde. There are more however these are the ones I liked to watch.
Wednesday we viewed the new seasons Undercovers and The Defenders. Of course Hellcats , The Whole Truth as well as Criminal Minds also aired.

I thought I would give my take on these shows this week. It was hard to watch all of them at the same time. With today's technology there are several ways to catch up on the ones missed.One can DVR them, go on line to the networks, and On Demand network has them within the 24 hours of airing time.So I didn't miss out on the one I wanted to watch.

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