Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Holiday Books Are Here!

That means time for holiday story reading. I have a few on my shelf I have started to read. Reviewing will be following soon. I love Santa and all the stories that have to do with him. The Autobiography of Santa Claus books by Jeff Guinn are one of our favorites to read. It is his first book, there are three in the series. Each one builds on the other, giving a different insight through the eyes of Santa and Mrs Clause. The history in them are great. Although this is a Historical fiction it is an enjoyable read. In my opinion, Jeff uses his great writing ability to transcend one to the era of the beginning of Santa's journey. Not to mention the people who inspired him along the way. I will guarantee you will never look at history the same way after this read. As well as it will be hard to put down this book.

I will be reading Mary Higgins Clark's "Dashing through the Snow" this week. It is also co-written by Carol Higgins Clark. Carol lives in New York City and is an actress as well. She is the daughter of Mary. They have co authored several books. This one I am reading the setting is in New Hampshire. In a small Old fashion town. A group of folks have just won the Lottery and a second winning ticket is in the neighboring town. A mystery begins just before the towns "Festival of Joy" gets started. A Private Eye begin to do some investigation and the small town is awaken to new secrets hidden within the so called tranquil old fashion town. Well that is all for now. My reading begins tonight. More later.

Why not pick up a Holiday book to read. It can make the season more enjoyable.

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