Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Kindle- A New Way to Read.

Well that's right I got a Kindle for Christmas. It is white with a ruby case. I really like it. Take it with me everywhere. When my daughter is at cello lessons I can read the New book on it. Even on Sunday before church begins I can get it out to read it. I was really surprised at how much I like it. When it first came out a few years back, the orthodontist asked if I would get one. I remember saying no I do not think I would like it.

The first day I purchased a book on it. Really wanted to read this book however I didn't want to pay 25 dollars for it in the stores. I was waiting until it came out in the library. Well It was only 9.95 on the Kindle so, I purchased it.

Oh the name of the Book is "Decision Points" By former President George W Bush. The first few chapters were really funny and I enjoyed learning about his life before presidency. Now I am in the fourth chapter and it is getting down it the years in office. I really didn't know how much humor he had. Isn't is amazing when we learn something about a person that we thought we knew?

He has a wit about him and it comes out in his writing. These kind of books I seldom read. However I really am liking this one. I will do a proper review later when I finish it.

Back to the Kindle...Learning a lot about this E-reader. It seems I can load my Facebook and twitter accounts on it. I can tweet as well as view my blog. Some time ago some other bloggers I visit, mentioned they are on Kindle and we could subscribe to them through Amazon. I looked them up, very interesting indeed.

I also learned I could pay for the newspaper and get it before the printed version is out. Now that I might like. Magazines was another possibility. All of these I would love to have at my finger tips.

The Kindle fits in my purse or travel bag. Has WiFi built in, Stores my books and subscription on the device as well as on an Kindle account on Amazon. That is nice because it makes it easy to delete it off the hand held Kindle and still have it on my account. That way I can download it again if I desire.

This really beats packing all those books to take on vacation. So, as you can see, I was wrong about this E-reader Kindle.

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Disclaimer: I have not received any compensation for this review. It is solely my own opinion.

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