Saturday, January 7, 2012

ReadingTime Magazine on Kindle

Time magazine has been delivered to my Kindle for a year now. It first wasn't sure I would like it. However I have really enjoyed reading it. Getting the magazine on my Kindle has turn out to be a joy. It arrives one week prior to the release date. I read it every Sunday. That's the day it arrives.

Have been thinking of getting a couple more. Just figuring out which one I would like to read is the hardest. Now I know there is a new kindle called Fire. Just not sure about getting that one yet. Heard it has a monthly fee. My Kindle do not have one and I can decided on what I want to pay for. Not ready to have another monthly bill add to my life.

Now with the Time magazine, they give a web page to go to for more info on certain articles. I like that part of the program. Really do not miss the photos. They still show the cover and some of the photos. Although it would be nice to see it in Color, I do not mind the B&W form.

Do you read magazine on line? Which ones? What magazine are you interested in?

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