Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A New Reading Tool-The Nook

It was time to try out a new tablet. I was going back and forth between the Kindle Fire and the Nook. The cost for both was around the same. However, the Kindle does not support Google play and I had several apps from Google Play. Like my Cable TV app, Hulu Plus and Catalogues. The Nook also has a SD slot, which allow me a way to store more movies and things. Giving me about 96 GB on the Tablet. 
Even though I am a  Kindle fan, the Nook has giving me some different options. One thing I have notice is that the books and magazine in the nook store are pricier then Kindle store. I still use my Kindle and thinking of getting a Fire HD at some point.
Nooks also has a mic, which I do like. One thing I am missing is the camera. Can not Skype with it. Kindle Fire HD does have the camera. I also get Amazon Video which I can not get on the Nook. For now I will use both. Still deciding if I will invest in the Fire HD.
I did get a book that was the same cost as the kindle. Just to see which one a enjoy reading on. Will have to let you know about that. I am enjoying the magazines and catalogues. Love the way I can snip and scrapbook things. Buying items from the catalogues is easy also. All the catalogues are free. I enjoy looking and reading them. Just think no more paper bulky ones. On the Nook you can jump around easier and find the things you are looking for. Information about items online straight from the catalogue with one click.
Today I downloaded a Entertainment magazine and was able to view some movie clips from with in the magazine. Loved it!
 Believed I made a good purchase until hubby told me that Nook is not going to continue putting out the Nook! Wow is that true, I need to investigate that. One thing I wish the Nook had is 3G or 4G. It only has WIFI and found out that when on the road in the car I can not log on. That is one thing I like about the Kindle being able to log on in the car. So I might just have to get a Kindle also.
Yes the two do have some differences and as you can see the difference are worth having both. I haven't taking the Nook to a BN store yet to experience the in store  mode. That I will need to do.

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