Monday, July 1, 2013

Book: Stop the Wedding by Stephanie Bond

Now with my daughter away at college, I have started reading again. My Love for books is still alive.
Not too long ago I joined the Amazon Prime. The subscription included a lender library with I get on the Kindle. Decided to  borrow a Comedy Romance book titled  "Stop The Wedding". The reviews seems to be highly favorable.

Stop the Wedding!I started reading it and could not put it down. Sat in the Solarium in my PJ all day and read it to the end. Now I haven't done that for years! The Book was that good.

My Review: The story is about a Widow who has met a Movie star of man  from her youth and they are getting married. She calls her daughter to be her witness. The Daughter lives in another state. She is very concern about this move her Mother is making. Feeling that he is a gigolo and will bleed her mother dry and leave her. Not only that but also Her father has not been gone that long. How could her mother love another man so fast? So she feels she has to hurry home to Stop the Wedding!

Now the Man has a son, he works out of country. Learning that his father is going to marry again from a friends of his father. He also feels this is a gold digger girl and he is heading back to buy her off and send he on her way, away from his father. Without his father finding out! He has done this before and feels this is the way to control his fathers shenanigans. So he too is headed to Stop the Wedding!

The comedy was mixed in the book. I read some reviews where folks said they did not get the comedy part. Well my take is the comedy is subtle and dry. The kind one has to be in the frame of  mind of the writer and characters. I did pick up the humour in her writing. However if you are not formilar with the Americana slangs of old or the Americana old humour, one might not read into it and miss the humour of the situations. My advice is to allow yourself to be in the writer shoe. Try to imagine you know the story and the characters are just finding out.  The Two children are really trying to achieve the same thing. Although they do not know it. They are tripping over each others feet. Both think they know the other, but truly do not. So the humour is in the acts that they do and the things that they think.

The tale  has so much drama and humour that I was on pins and needles the whole book. Even to the end. Really did not want it to end. It is truly a Romantic Comedy book. I think you would enjoy the read.

Let me know if you read it and what you think.

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