Monday, June 9, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Camera

Purchased this camera earlier this year.  I wanted a new SLR camera, However most of them are so big and I really needed one that was small and easy to use. Decided to try the Samsung
Galaxy Camera. It is a smart camera, with WIFI and a user friendly view pad. Similar to a I pad. Found that I could easily load apps through Google Play. that makes it very easy to pair all my google play  devices. this camera allows one to upload to several social medias. Facebook, twitter, e-mails, Dropbox, OneDrive and many more. How easy this was to send photos to my blogs or friends. Sharing photo to other devices is easy also. One thing I notice after signing in and starting the camera up, all the photos I had put online media and photo storage programs all appeared on the camera gallery icon. Love this, make is a cinch to show photos to folks.

There is a HDMI connector for viewing thing through a Monitor (HD TV). Love it. Had a bridal shower  and used the video on the camera to video the groom. Was then able to use the HDMI cable to play it on the Large HD TV.  The Video was crystal clear. It really amazes me how this new technology make it really hard to tell what kind of camera one uses.

The Samsung Galaxy  Camera also has a SLR setting area on it, with a 4.1-86.1mm 1:2.8-5.9 23mm lens. I have use it and found that it works very well for  telephoto shots as well as macro views. At a wedding I was able to telephoto to get great shots from the audience. One the other hand I was able to get great shots of Bees feeding on the  Flowers.  Both were crystal clear and the images sharp. Very nice to use.

there is also a edit app that one can use right away. Love, Love that! What a great way to edit the photo and post right away.  So user friendly there was very little user curve on it. for uploading photos there is no cord needed. It is all down through the WiFi. Notice that the picture remains sharp and the picsal  did not change.

By Samsung making this Camera an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS it opens a whole new world to Cameras. One is able to make deposits in Banks, use it for grocery shopping by using a Scanning program for products and being able to scan scan bars for shopping info on line. Yes you can shop on line with the camera. There is really no limit to what one can do with the Android part of the camera.

I could go on about  this Camera due to every day I learn a new thing it offers. One thing is  this is a very good choice for me. It was a good purchase and will be a great addiction to my collection.

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